Ask your high school guidance counselor about local scholarship opportunities. There are many small foundations that offer scholarships to alumni of specific high schools or students planning to pursue a particular career path.

Contact the financial aid departments of all those technical colleges and four-year colleges you are considering attending. Ask about scholarship opportunities specific to their institution, your chosen area of study, or local foundations.

Check with your parents' employers. Many businesses offer scholarships to the children of their employees!

Find out if your parents are members of any non-profit group or fraternal organization that offers scholarships to members' children.

Do your own scholarship search online using a search engine like google. Use a combination of key words like "scholarship automotive Wisconsin technician" and research the opportunities to see if you qualify.

Note: Many scholarships are made available specifically for residents of a particular state or county, single parents, adult returning students, active volunteers, people already employed in a particular field, patrons of a particular business, women, individuals of a particular ethnic background or nationality, etc. Leave no stone unturned! You may qualify for several different scholarships!

Don't overlook scholarship and grant opportunities from industry-related manufacturers and organizations like: automotive and truck manufacturers, parts manufacturers and businesses, racing organizations, trade associations, industry chemical distributors, etc.

Use a FREE online scholarship search service. But beware of scams! You shouldn't have to pay for this service or pay to get a scholarship, and remember, there is no such thing as a "guaranteed" scholarship. Some resources to check out include: