• Driving the Training That Keeps You Running

    Driving the Training That Keeps You Running

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Wheels To WorkWheels to Work program assists families and individuals to overcome transportation obstacles. We empower stakeholders and recipients by bridging community resources to meet their needs through education and basic assistance.
Vehicle Issues Got You Down? Vehicle Issues Got You Down? Why Donate Your Used Vehicle? Why Donate Your Used Vehicle? Our Partnership Changes Lives Our Partnership Changes Lives


The Wheels to Work mission is to develop a partnership of providers and community minded businesses interested in providing assistance to those truly in need. This unique program is designed to utilize existing educational facilities and businesses to provide much needed vehicle repair and access to affordable, reliable transportation.


Participants are able to overcome the barrier of unreliable transportation leading these individuals to family sustaining employment and independence.

Wheels to Work is an integrated community partner. Participants entering the Wheels to Work program take part in the Money Smart program made available with our financial community. They receive individualized training in financial management, budgeting and vehicle maintenance education. Wheels to Work also engages businesses and schools to develop opportunities for valuable hands-on training, education and experience in the automotive industry.

Our organization is chartered within the Wisconsin Automotive and Truck Education Association, our 501(c)(3) charitable entity.

This collaborative program incorporates the business community, the provider network, our educational partners, and philanthropic organizations and individuals like you to accomplish this goal. No one group can do this alone. Won't you consider how you or your organization can assist us today?